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Unscramble Words

Bu İngilizce kelime oyunu öğrencilerin yeni kelimeler öğrenmeleri açısından çok eğlencelidir. Bu oyunda kelimelerin zorluk derecesi çok önemlidir. Bu oyunu sınıfta tahtaya yazarak oynayabilirsiniz.

Prepare a range of scrambled words (something related to what you’ve been teaching in your class works well) that can be put into easy (1 point), medium (2 points) and hard (3 points) categories. Split the class into groups of around 4 to 6 students and have a student from the first group choose a category.

Once you have written the scrambled word on the whiteboard/blackboard the team of students have around 1 minute to come up with the answer (while the rest of the class stay silent). Continue the process with the other teams while keeping track of the scores.

To change things up a little feel free to let other teams guess the anagram if the original team are unsuccessful in their 1 minute, giving them the chance to take each other’s points.

As well as having 3 categories of difficulty you might like to have different word categories ready to go such as animals, clothes, body parts, fruit and sport.

You can find a large number of examples in our word scramble section but here are a few of the animals I use:

Easy (1 point)

bird – drbi
dog – dgo
cat – tac
lion – olin

Medium (2 points)

frog – rgfo
myoekn – monkey
tiger – greti
eagle – leeag

Difficult (3 points)

elephant – tpnlehea
giraffe – gfriefa
donkey – oendyk
crocodile – orcdcielo