Truth or Lies | İngilizce Kulübü

Truth or Lies

Öğrenciler soruları güzelce dinlemeli ve anlamaya çalışmalılar. Sorulara doğru yanlış diye cevaplar verilmelidir. 

Ask the students to stand up at their desks and find a student who will go first (or alternatively ask for a volunteer). They need to listen carefully to your statement and decide if you are lying or telling the truth.

If the student is correct then they can choose either their row or column to sit down with them, if the student is incorrect then nobody gets to sit down. Continue the game until everyone sits down.

Feel free to adapt the game to suit your students and teaching style.

Here are some examples of statements I use when playing this game of truth and lies (throwing a few funny ones in there is always a good idea):

I live on the moon.
Today is the day after yesterday.
I am older than you.
Tennis balls are square.
I wear shoes on my hands.
Hours are longer than minutes.
All girls have short hair.
We are not outside.
I have blonde hair.
Tokyo is in Japan.
I am friends with Tom Cruise.