THREE KINGDOMS | İngilizce Kulübü


Name of Game:

Three Kingdoms

Target Students:

Middle School

High School


20-25 minutes

Number of Students:

Groups of 3-5

English Skills:



Make questions with Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How


  1. Place a number of cards with the words “Who,” “What,” “Where,” “When,” “Why,” and “How” face down
  2. Among the cards is a “China” card
  3. Divide the class into three groups and designate them as one of the ancient Korean kingdoms: Shilla, Baekje, and Goguryeo
  4. All “kingdoms” start with 100 points
  5. Groups take turns flipping over and one card at a time and make a question with the word
  6. For every correct question they make, they get two “Army” cards, which have a power of ten
  7. For every third correct question, they get a “Castle” card which grants 50 bonus points. (Ask: “Whodo you want to attack?)
  8. After making a correct question, groups can choose to continue taking Army cards OR they can choose to use up their army cards to attack another group and destroy their points
  9. However, whoever turns over a “China” card will cause ALL groups to lose one Castle (-50 points) and ALL their Army cards!


  • Make smaller groups and include other “kingdoms” such as Gaya and Mahan
  • If you are teaching in other countries change names
    • For example, if you are teaching in China, you can change the “Kingdom” names to states or dynasties in Chinese history and have the “Huns” or ;quot;Mongols” as the killer card
  • Include other question words, not just the standard who, what, where, when, why, and how
  • Put grammar or trivia questions on cards

Assign each group a “capital city” as a starter castle and city names or specific castle names to “castle cards,” this way you can also “Who do you want to attack?” and “Where do you want to attack?” or “What do you want to attack?”