The Strange Bird with Two Heads

Once upon a time, there lived a strange bird with two heads, facing opposite directions. The two heads used to fight and argue with each even for very simple reasons. While they shared the same body, the two heads behaved like rivals! The strange bird lived in a big banyan tree, along the bank of a river.

One day, while flying over the river, one head of the bird found a beautiful tree with a fruit in bright red colour. One head of the bird wanted to eat the fruit and the bird flew down to pick the fruit from the tree.

The bird plucked the sweet smelling fruit and sat by the banks of the river and started eating it. The fruit was eaten by one head, which saw the fruit from the sky. The head that ate the part praised the fruit so much as the fruit was very tasty.

While eating, the other head, asked the first head, ‘Can you give me a piece to taste it?’

The first head said ‘See, we are having only one stomach. So even If I eat in my mouth, it will go into our stomach.’

The other head asked ‘But I wanted to taste the fruit. You should give me.’

The first head replied in anger ‘I only saw the fruit and I have the right to eat it without sharing with anyone.’

The depressed second head, became very sad, and went silent.

A few days later, while the bird was flying, the second head saw a beautiful pink fruit in a tree. It flew down near the tree and was trying to pick the fruit and eat it.

The other birds living in the tree said “don’t eat it. It is a poisonous fruit.” It will make you die.

The first head shouted, ‘Don’t eat it. Don’t eat it’. However the second head did not listen to the first head.

The second head said, ‘I will eat it, because I saw it’. The first head shouted, ‘Please don’t eat it. We will all die.’

The second head, ‘Since I saw it, I have the right to eat it. It will go to our stomach only.’

The fruit was eaten by the second head and in a few minutes, the strange bird with two heads died!!!!