SPIN THE COIN | İngilizce Kulübü


Name of Game:

Spin the Coin

Target Students:

Young Learners

Elementary School


10-15 minutes

Number of Students:

Groups of 3-5

English Skills:





Practice grammar structures and vocabulary words with flashcards


  1. Lay out an arbitrary number of flashcards in a circle formation, making sure the edges of the flashcards are touching (i.e. no “holes” in the circle: taping the cards down helps)
  2. Give each player some marker pieces (colored chips work well)
  3. Prepare a ‘coin’ from cardboard, etc. with a line on each side, from the center of the coin to the edge
  4. Spin the coin in the middle of the circle and have the first student slam their hand down on the coin
  5. The line on the coin serves as a pointer and the student says the vocabulary word or grammar structure on the card the line points to
  6. If they are right, they place one of their markers on the card
  7. The first student to get rid of all of their markers wins


  • Use pictures for less advanced students
  • Have special flashcards such as ‘place your marker on any available card’ or ‘remove 1 marker from a card’
  • Only allow one marker on each card


If you are using only a few flashcards, make the number of markers be equal to the number of flashcards.