SPELL FROM A BAG | İngilizce Kulübü


Name of Game:

Spell from a Bag

Target Students:

Young Learners

Elementary School

Middle School


5-20 minutes

Number of Students:

Small groups of 2 or more

English Skills:




Review vocabulary words and practice spelling


  1. Divide the class into groups of 2-4 students
  2. Assign everyone a vocabulary word
  3. Have each student write their word out with each letter on a separate small sheet of paper
  4. Place all the letters in a bag
  5. Students take turns taking one letter out of the bag at a time
  6. If the letter is one found in their word, they keep it and give the bag to the next student
  7. If the letter they select is not one of the letters in their word, they put it back in the bag and give it to the next student
  8. For example, say S1 has CAT as their word, S2 has DOG, and S3 has COW. If
    S1 draws C from the bag (even if it is not the C that they wrote), they
    keep it and give the bag to S2. S2 draws a W, puts it back in the bag, and gives it to S3, etc.
  9. The first student to spell their word wins


  • Use letter blocks instead of having students write their letters on paper
  • Use sentences with some similar words for more advanced students


This is a good way to review vocabulary as each students will most likely learn the words they have to spell.