Name of Game:


Target Students:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


10-15 minutes

Number of Students:

2 groups of at least 2 students

English Skills:




Make word lists by using the last letter of the previous word


  1. Divide the class in half
  2. Divide the blackboard/whiteboard in half with a line
  3. Students all stand up and form lines on opposite sides of the room and can only write on their side of the board
  4. Provide a first word in the middle of the board
  5. The first student in each team writes a word to follow the first word


  1. The word must start with a letter that is the same letter as the last
    letter of the previous word
  2. For example, if the first word is “dog,” then the next word is “good”
  3. The list goes one: dog->good->deer->read…
  1. Each student takes a turn and opposing teams attempt to make the longest list
  2. Set a 5 to 10-minute time limit
  3. Words cannot appear twice on the list


  • Have several 4 to 5-minute game “rounds”
    • In the first round, all team members participate
    • In the second round, both teams choose their best
      member and those two students square off in a one-on-one match with
      teams providing support by shouting out words
    • In the third round, two
      of the from each team square off


This game is derived from a Japanese game of the same name. “Shiri”
means “end” and “tori” means “take.” The basic idea is to take the end
of a word and use it as the start of another word. A Japanese example
would be sake -> kendo -> dorobo -> boku -> kusuri, etc.