Name of Game:

Janken Slap

Target Students:

Young Learners

Elementary School

Middle School

High School



5-20 minutes depending on how many cards are used

Number of Students:

Groups of 2-4

English Skills:




Review vocabulary words/grammar structures by slapping flashcards


  1. Get into groups of two and give each group a set of flashcards
  2. Place two flashcards on the table or floor and label them 1 and 2
  3. Explain to students that they will shoot rock-paper-scissors (ie Janken in Japanese)
  4. Have students shoot 1 or zero fingers instead of rock, paper, and scissors
  5. Students add up the thumbs and try to slap the flashcard with that number
    1. Flashcard #1 for one thumb, #2 for two thumbs, and so on
    2. Do it again if everyone shoots fists
  6. Whoever slaps the correct card first gets a point if they say the word or sentence on the card out loud


  • Use one flash card for each person in the group
  • 2 for pairs, 3 for groups of three, and 4 for groups of four

You can use alphabet letters for younger children and more advanced grammar structures, such as past tense, 10-word sentences, etc. for students of a higher level.