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İngilizce Matematik bilmeceleri

Thinking Fruit:

You need some math knowledge, of course, just basic additions and subtractions.

Think about any number from 1 to 9! Now, multiply the number with 9!

Add the numbers if the answer is a two digit number. If you choose 1, it will remains the same.
Now, subtract number 5 from the digits added together.

You will receive a single digit number. Find the alphabet corresponds to the number. For instance, 1 – a, 2 – b, etc.

Find a European country that starts with the alphabet corresponding to the number you got. Write down the name of the country.

Find a fruit that starts with the last letter of the European country!

Got it? Tell the answer: What is the name of the country and name of the fruit? Think well before you scroll down for answer.

There are no Kiwis in Denmark.

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A simple math riddle! If you are good at math, you can easily solve this! Refresh your memories and math practices.

A farmer lived in a small village. He had three sons. One day he gave $100 dollars to his sons and told them to go to market.

The three sons should buy 100 animals for $100 dollars. In the market there were chickens, hens and goats.

Cost of a goat is $10, cost of a hen is $5 and cost of a chicken is $0.50.

There should be at least one animal from each group. The farmer’s sons should spend all the money on buying animals. There should be 100 animals, not a single animal more or less!

What do the sons buy?

They purchased 100 animals for 100 dollars.
$10 spent to purchase 1 goat.
$45 spent to purchase 9 hens.
$45 spent to purchase 90 chickens.
Totally they spent $100 and purchased 100 animals.