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İngilizce komik söylemler

Evet işinizin arda kalan zamanında veya sınıfta güzel vakit geçirmeye ne dersiniz.

İşte size hoşunuza gidecek harika deyimler, gülmenizi sağlayacak farklı türde söylemler. Okuyun paylaşın…

  • So English, I fancy you all agree, is the funniest language you ever did see.
  • English might be the most widespread language in the world but there’s still no ham in hamburger, no egg in eggplant and neither pine nor apple in pineapple.
  • The thing you’re looking for is always found in the last place you look.
  • What did the man who walked into a bar say? Ouch!
  • Why did the boy eat his homework? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.
  • What are two things people never eat before breakfast? Lunch and dinner.
  • Why is the number six so scared? Because seven eight nine!
  • If the plural of man is always called men, why shouldn’t the plural of pan be called pen?
  • If we are the human race, then who is winning?
  • If vegetarians eat vegetables then what on earth do humanitarians eat?!
  • Some writing tips:
  • Exaggeration is a trillion times worse than understatement.
  • Rhetorical questions, who needs them?
  • When writing in English, contractions shouldn’t be used.
  • Stop using exclamation marks!!!