İngilizce Dersi 6. 7. 8. sınıflar performans ödev konuları

İngilizce dersinde öğretmenlerimiz her dönem için öğrencilerine proje ödevleri dışında performans ödevleri de verebilirler, aşağıda size yardımcı olması açısından bazı 6. 7. 8. sınıflar için İngilizce performans ödev konuları vardır. Verine ödevleri Performans değerlendirme formunu kullanarak değerlendirebilirsiniz.

6. sınıflar

  1. Prepare a poster showing what your favourite artist does after work.
  2. Draw a picture of an imaginery creature and decide which food the creature likes and doesn’t like.
  3. Take or draw a picture of your neighbourhood and describe it.
  4. Prepare a weather forecast presentaiton of at least 10 diffirent cities.
  5. Imagine that you went to a funfair. Describe the environment and how you felt about being there.
  6. Imagine that you visited another planet, present your experience to the class.
  7. Prepare a poster about the occupations you chose (at least 5).
  8. Imagine that you were a detective. Express your ideas about a theft and show how you unsolved the case.
  9. Prepare a poster about how to save energy.
  10. Prepare a poster about how to respect other’s rights.


7. sınıflar

  1. Prepare a poster about your favourite artist and describe her/ his both pyhsical and characteristic features.
  2. Search for famous painters/ sculptors and write a biography about her/him.
  3. Imagine that you’re a journalist. Make an interview with a famous sports figure.
  4. Search for endangered species and give information about the precausitions.
  5. Prepare a poster about your favourite movie hero.
  6. Prepare an intivation card of a birthday party. Imagine that you send it to 10 people and you recieved responses, express briefly the reasons of refusing.
  7. Prepare a presentation of your countries’ superstitions.
  8. Draw a map of your neighbourhood, stating which building is public and express their functions as public buildings.
  9. Prepare a poster showing what happens if no precautions would be taken to project our world.
  10. Prepare a poster about NASA’s Curiosity Project to Mars by using online sources.


8. sınıflar

  1. Prepare an invitation card for an organization. Imagine that you sent it to people and recieved 10 refusing responses, stating the excuses ang apologies briefly.
  2. Prepare a poster that shows the differences’ of other cultures’ teen life.
  3. Prepare at least ten recipes of diffent cultures’ dishes.
  4. Imagine that you had a phone conversation with your old teacher anout your future plans. Write the diologue and translate it to Turkish.
  5. Search for an essay on Internet habits and identfy the main idea. Compare the Internet habits wirtten in the essay with yours and your friends’.
  6. Prepare brochures of two different sports related to adventure.
  7. Express your preference about at least 5 different tourist destinations and give reasons.
  8. Prepare a poster about your reponsibilities and obligations at school.
  9. Search for a scientific achivement and preapare a poster about it.
  10. Prepare a poster that shows your personal opinion about the causes of natural disasters and your personal predictions about the future of the Earth.


Ödev konuları öğrencinin istediği bir konu üzerine de verilebilecektir.


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