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İngilizce bilmecelerle oyna

What Am I?
Buy me, deliver me or even smell me, I won’t change! I will remain same!
Answer: Cent, Sent and Scent!

What AM I?
I am pronounced as a one letter alphabet!
I am written with three letters
I am complete with just two letters
I am double
I am blue I am black I am brown I am gray I am yellow and I am green
I can read from both ends
I appear the same every way!
What am I?
Answer: EYE

I always work under pressure. I’m too hard to find! Without pressure, you won’t be able to see me. I am nothing without pressure! What am I?
Answer: A DIAMOND!

I live in every part of your body and all commodities are transacted through me! I appear the same, but different!
Answer: Cell, Sell!

You have to look at me to say what I show you! I offer two different purposes but I spell the same and I pronounce the same!
Answer: WATCH and WATCH (Watch the watch)

I am a five letter word. If you remove all letters one by one from the last, I sound the same! What am I?
Answer: QUEUE! QUEU! QUE! QU! Q!

I am a seven letter word! I become longer when the third letter is removed. What am I?
Answer: LOUNGER!

I am a seven letter word! I can produce around 10 words without rearranging me. What am I?
Answer: THEREIN! There, here, in, rein, ere, here, he, her, herein, the

Which alphabet is not me?
Answer: U!

Which alphabet has lots of water?
Answer: C!

I am always pronounced wrong, even by scholars and even by teachers. What am I?
Answer: WRONG!

He always drives a customer away! Who is he?
Answer: A Taxi Driver

Why letter E is an important alphabet?
Answer: Because it is the beginning of EVERYTHING!