GUESS WHO | İngilizce Kulübü


Name of Game:

Guess Who aka Guess What

Target Students:

Middle School

High School




10-20 minutes

Number of Students:


English Skills:



Form questions and identify a person or thing


  1. Identity a student leader for the class or individual groups
  2. Ask leader to think of a famous person
  3. In turn, group members will ask yes/no questions to get information about the target celebrity
  4. If a group member receives a ‘yes’ to their question, they can ask one follow up question
  5. If the answer to a group member’s question is no, play passes to the next student
  6. Play continues until a student is ready to guess who it is
  7. Students can only guess who it is when it is their turn


  • This game can be played as ‘Guess What’, in which case students are playing to identify an object, animal, etc
    • It is often good to start with an object in the room until students get the hang of it


You may choose to prepare a handout of possible questions to get things started and help weaker students as play progresses. Some possible questions are:

  • Are you famous?
  • Are you in this school?
  • Are you a man?
  • Are you a woman?
  • Are you an actor?
  • Are you a singer?

This game is a part of the “Chris Moyles Show” on BBC Radio. The running music on the radio shows adds to the fun and tension of the game. Add recorded sound effects such as a ticking clock, Jeopardy, etc. to create a better atmosphere for the game. You could also give the leader two ‘instruments’ to make things more fun — a hooter for ‘no’ answers and a bell or triangle for ‘yes’ answers.

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