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Freshwater Dolphins – A1


Freshwater Dolphins
Do you know about freshwater dolphins?

Freshwater dolphins live in rivers and estuaries in South America and Asia.

Let’s go to the Amazon.

The Amazon is the second longest river in the world. Only the Nile is longer than the Amazon. The Amazon dolphin is the biggest freshwater dolphin and also the most intelligent. Their brains are 40% bigger than human brains. They like to play with the indigenous people of the Amazon and also they rescue people when they fall out of their canoes. They are pink.

Another South American freshwater dolphin is the River Plate dolphin. The estuary of this river is between Argentina and Uruguay and it is the widest estuary in the world. These dolphins are smaller than the Amazon dolphins. However, their noses are longer.

Let’s go to the Mekong.

The Mekong river flows from Laos to Cambodia. It is the tenth longest river on the planet and has one of the richest biodiversities. This means the number of different plants and animals living in one area. Very sadly, there are only 50 Mekong dolphins alive. They are dying because of pollution from goldmines and because politicians are not doing anything to help.

Let’s go to the Indus River.

Special dolphins also live in the Indus River, which is the longest river in Pakistan and the 21st  longest river in the world. Similar dolphins live in the Ganges, which is the 39th longest river in the world. Both these dolphins need help from politicians to save them from pollution.

Let’s go to China.

The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world but it is very polluted. All the beautiful Yangtze River Dolphins are now dead. This is very sad for future generations of Chinese people who will never see their Yangtze dolphin.

Let’s go to Peru.

There is some better news. In the Amazon, the Peruvian Forest Police help the pink dolphins. They stop logging, that means cutting down trees, and they stop commercial fishing. There are now more dolphins in Yarapa than 20 years ago. It is very important for Brazil to do the same.

And let’s go to Thailand…

… to Songhkla Lake. Here the Thai Marine and Coastal Resources Department  protect the dolphins living in the lake. Songkhkla Lake is the largest natural lake in Thailand.

The politicians in Brazil, Cambodia, India, Laos and Pakistan must do more to protect their beautiful freshwater dolphins.