CRAZY FACE | İngilizce Kulübü


Name of Game:

Crazy Face

Target Students:

Young Learners

Elementary School

Middle School


20 minutes

Number of Students:


English Skills:



Learn parts of the body by drawing pictures


  1. Give each student a piece of paper with the outline of a head on it
  2. Have each student pick their favorite color marker
  3. Give students one thing to draw, such as ‘nose’
  4. Have students pass their paper to the person next to them when finished
  5. Give students another part of the face to draw, such as ‘hair’.
  6. When done, have students give a name to their face and show them to the class


  • Have students draw a whole body
  • Have students draw a house to learn house words
  • Have students draw a zoo to learn animal words
  • Use different themes for different vocabulary


Make sure there is plenty of room on the paper for kids to draw. They often find it helpful if there is one thing already done, such as the outline of a head, to help them get started.

Encourage creativity and let them draw any style they want, like and elephants nose instead of a person’s nose. The kids will crack up at drawings they they get and you can be really creative by having them draw things like sideburns, jewelery, etc.

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