Name of Game:

Clap/Don’t Clap

Target Students:

Young Learners

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


5-10 Minutes

Number of Students:

Any number

English Skills:



Review vocabulary words by category


  1. Choose a category, such as animals, sports, etc.
  2. Call out a vocabulary word that fits the theme (ie ‘cat’ for animals)
  3. Students clap if you call out a word that fits the category
  4. Once they are in a comfortable rhythm, say a word that is not in the category
  5. Share a laugh when someone claps in the wrong place 


  • Use flashcards for younger learners


If you are using flashcards, one trick is to place the flashcards on chairs and stand behind them. Then, move behind each flashcard as you say it. Trick the kids by standing behind a flashcard and calling out a different word.

Be creative and come up with ways to try and trick the class into clapping at the wrong time but be careful about students feeling hurt if they keep making a mistake.

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