can & could karşılaştırması

Can / Could

1) Use can / can’t to talk about your abilities now. ( yeteneklerimizde kullanırız)
I can speak English.        I can’t speak German.

Use could / couldn’t to talk about abilities in the past.
I could speak French when I was a child, but I can’t now.
I couldn’t speak English when I was a child, but I can now.

2) Use can and could to make requests.  Could is more polite. (ricalarda kullanırız , could daha kibardır)
    Can you cook this evening please?           
Could you pass me the salt?

Use can to reply to requests.
    Can I sit here?                   =>           Yes, you can.      Sorry, you can’t.
    Can you cook this evening please?           =>           Yes, I can.            Sorry, I can’t.

DON’T use could in replies to requests. (could ile başlayan sorulara, could ile cevap verilmez)
Could you lend me some money?
    Yes, I could.          =>           Yes, sure!  Sorry, I can’t.         

Form: cümle yapıları aşağıdadır
1) Can and could are the same for all persons.
I         can/could            speak English
you can/could            speak English
he / she / it         can/could            speak English
we    can/could            speak English
they            can/could            speak English.

2) The negative form of can is cannot, or can’t. The negative form of could is couldn’t.

3) There is always a verb after can and could, and the verb is always in the infinitive form (without to).
Sally can help you.     NOT Sally can helps you. / Sally can to help you.

4) Make questions by inverting can and the subject.
I can see you this afternoon.       =>    Can I see you this afternoon? 
     You could help me.    =>    Could you help me?

5) Use can/can’t and could/couldn’t in short answers.
Can your brother swim?         =>    Yes, he can.  No, he can’t. 
     Could you do the test?        =>    Yes, I could.  No, I couldn’t.

Common mistakes: 
1) Some students make questions incorrectly.
You can speak English?      =>     Can you speak English?
     I could sit here?           =>     Could I sit here?

***Fill in the blanks below to complete the sentences. Use the words in the above box.
1. I ___________ go to the party last night because I was sick.
2. A: ___________ Noel cook Italian food? B: Yes, he ___________.
3. My sister ___________ swim last year, but now she ___________.
4. They ___________ go shopping yesterday because the store was closed.
5. A: ___________ you read when you were four years old? B: Yes, I __________.
6. Ellie ___________ ride a bicycle. She rides it to school every day.
7. I’m very tired, so I ___________ go out to the park to play.
8. A: ___________ you see the moon last night? B: No, I ___________.
9. When ___________ I talk to you about the company report?
10. Most dinosaurs walked on land, but some ___________ fly or even swim.
11. Excuse me, I ___________ hear you right now. The music is too loud.
12. I ___________ drive a truck when I was only sixteen years old.
13. Douglas hit the tree because he ___________ stop his car.
14. How many hot dogs ___________ you eat at one time?
15. I ___________ read without my reading glasses. Where are they?


1. couldn’t
2. Can / can
3. couldn’t / can
4. couldn’t
5. Could / could
6. can
7. can’t
8. Could / couldn’t
9. can
10. could
11. can’t
12. could
13. couldn’t
14. can
15. can’t