Name of Game:

Alphabet Word Game

Target Students:

Middle School


30 minutes

Number of Students:

Groups of 2-4

English Skills:

Speaking Spelling Vocabulary


Practice vocabulary through themes


  1. Divide class into groups of 2-4 students
  2. Each group assigns a writer
  3. The writer makes a chart with headings such as ‘Boy’s name’, ‘Girl’s name’, ‘Place’, ‘Animal’, etc.
  4. The teacher says a letter
  5. Each group has 1-3 minutes to write a word in each category that starts with the letter
  6. Using the example above: Bill, Betty, Brooklyn, Bedroom, Bat
  7. Teacher asks each group for answers 1 category at a time
  8. Groups get 10 points for each answer
  9. If two groups have the same answer, they gey 5 points each
  10. The team with the most points wins


  • Change around the categories based on level of students


Make sure students talk quietly when discussing their answers. Also, count down the last ten seconds to let students know when time is up.

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