A First Love-Making | İngilizce Kulübü

A First Love-Making

A LAND there is beyond the sea

That I have never seen,

But Johnny says he’ll take me there,

And I shall be a queen.

He’ll build for me a palace there,

Its roof will be of thatch,

And it will have a little porch

And everything to match.

And he’ll give me a garden-green,

And he’ll give me a crownv

Of flowers that love the wood and field

And never grow in town.

And we shall be so happy there,

And never, never part,

And I shall be the grandest queen-

The queen of Johnny’s heart.

Then, Johnny, man your little boat

To sail across the sea ;

There’s only room for king and queen-

For Johnny and for me.

And, Johnny dear, I’m not afraid

Of any wind or tide,

For I am always safe, my dear,

If you are by my side.